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Crafting Your Own Paper Airplane

Once you’ve mastered the sacred art of flying a paper airplane, there will be nothing left but to show off your new-found skills in style, gliding across vast distances and an array of jealous onlookers.  However, before you can take…

Dawn of the Darkening

First chapter from my in progress novel -Follow Trevor, a torn man trying to find his way in a post apocalyptic world filled with demonic creatures known as Devourers whose appearance on earth has blocked out the sun.

Nintendo To Shut Down Wii Streaming Services

It’s hard to believe that the Nintendo Wii first came out over a decade ago in 2006. The unique console was revolutionary at the time and for myself, it was a system which I spent countless hours on. For the…

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds – taking the e-sports world by storm

  We’ve seen games like this before. A militarized battle simulator where players are dropped into an arena, gather weapons and fight their way to glory. It’s nothing new, so what is it that separates PUBG from the rest and…