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Crafting Your Own Paper Airplane

Once you’ve mastered the sacred art of flying a paper airplane, there will be nothing left but to show off your new-found skills in style, gliding across vast distances and an array of jealous onlookers. 

However, before you can take to the skies, a small touch of engineering and elbow grease is required. Rest assured, once you’ve put in the effort, the rewards are endless. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be one step closer to finally reaching orbit.

Find the Type of Paper That Works for You

With so many different options of paper airplanes available, it might be frustrating to know exactly which paper to use. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting with different types until you find the one that most fits your liking and in fact, it’s encouraged that you diversify. Construction paper is a really well-preferred option that allows you to colour coat your model and really get kids interested in the fun! If you’re looking for sheer speed and performance to get that aerodynamic edge, then it is recommended you go for the traditional 8.5/11” printer paper. 

Get Creative With Your Folds

Keep in mind that variables such as the weight and folding patterns of the paper will all affect performance and stability of your aircraft. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative with your designs though! Customized folding patterns are an awesome way to spice up your look and some specialized folds will even allow you to soar further than others. Take for example “The Dart”. Named for its obvious arrow-shaped appearance, the dart is known for being one of the fastest and longest traveling paper airplane models. There are plenty of unique designs such as “The Harrier”, “The Hammer” and more that you can experiment with to find out which formation best fits your flying style!

Man positioning his “Dart” plane for takeoff down a hallway. Photo Credits: Josh Pederson

Look Around for a Community Near You

Who says that you have to keep your new-found passion a secret? Check around your community and see if there are any local clubs you can join that also share your enthusiasm. True hobbyists can get quite serious about the craft and you might be able to learn a thing or two from the experts. You might even want to try your luck at a tournament such as the Red Bull Paper Wings which is an annual contest viewed by people all around the world.

With all of these amazing ideas to enhance your flying experience, you’re already well on your way to winning the world championships. If you want to learn more and stay up to date with the latest in all things paper airplane, be sure to check out our previous post here following all the latest news from around the professional circuit.


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